Sigma Kappa

Alpha Omega Chapter



In Sigma Kappa, academics are a top priority as we believe that we come to college first to be students. We focus on academics in all aspects and provide many resources throughout our members’ experience. Our academic excellence committee is made up of chapter members who are dedicated to finding new ways to integrate the sorority experience with academics to help each other thrive. We constantly work to enable and inspire our members to be better students.   

Sigma Kappa’s academic success program was specifically designed to meet the needs of a student at the University of Alabama. As a chapter, we participate in goal-focused workshops to help us meet our individual academic goals. We honor our members who make the Dean's List and President's List with a dessert bar every semester. We also have a streamlined sister tutoring portal for those looking to gain or give help in specific areas. Each major has its own group chat so people can find sisters in their classes and find study buddies and mentors. And, members are provided with academic mentors to help connect them with academic resources and serve as accountability partners to empower them throughout their year.

The Sigma Kappa Foundation supports academic achievements through the 40+ scholarships given out each year to undergraduate and graduate students. For more information on this scholarship and the many other ways, the national organization promotes academic excellence, visit Sigma Kappa’s website.

For more information about scholarships, please contact Vice President of Academic Excellence at