Sigma Kappa



July 26, 2019

Home Away From Home
By Meegs Smythe, Junior
Major: Exercise Science  Minor: French

When I left my cozy home in St. Louis, Missouri for the big campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, let’s just say I was a little overwhelmed. I had no idea how lonely a big campus could feel (I had gone to a tiny school in a tiny town my freshman year), and I was craving a place to call home away from home. After trying primary recruitment and not finding the right fit, my rho chi (aka my recruitment counselor) brought me to the Sigma Kappa house to see if maybe that was my place. 

I remember being hesitant at first, a new program was a lot of responsibility, after all. However, the second I talked to our wonderful Sigma Kappa  Leadership Consultants (shout out to Elisabeth and Natalie) all of my doubts and hesitations flew right out the door. The way they made me feel so welcome and just how our conversations were going, I couldn’t even remember wanting to be anywhere else. 

This big campus seemed so much smaller almost instantly. It was as if a door opened on bid day. I was spoiled with such a fantastic group of girls to call my sisters, not just friends. I didn’t feel like I was so far from home anymore because it felt like home was right here, at 923 Magnolia Drive.

The second I step into the house everyday, there’s always something going on and someone to talk to. Whether it be running into our president, Ms. Olivia Carter, when I'm totally scatterbrained after a nap (we've all been there), members of my committee, or needing to remind everyone that they’re little rays of sunshine and they’re going to pass their exams; it’s easy to get caught up talking to someone for an hour, just like at home...except with more people. 

It’s a constant support system when my finals are getting too stressful. Movie nights in the living room fangirling over Peter Kavinski from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, running to the dining room at approximately 4:45pm every night because dinner comes out at 5 (we absolutely are not going to miss out on anything Chef Glenn whips up), and being the line leader on our way to a swap. It’s home. 

So, to wrap it all up with a nice little lavender and maroon bow, in finding my home in Sigma Kappa, I found my place on The University of Alabama’s campus. Being far from home can be scary, but finding your people makes it a whole lot easier. All I’ve got left to say is something I’ve picked up from our southern belles: Roll Tide, Y’all!